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I use my years of eclectic life experience in business, government, politics, headhunting, holistic healing, public & government relations, publishing, recruiting, personal coaching, sales, software development, web development and writing to help clients gain new understandings and perspectives that can help them experience an adventure in growth leading to a more productive and fulfilling life.

My experience with Traumatic Brain Injury combined with my training in shamanism, home hospice, Taoism, the I Ching, Reiki and Tantra has given me a unique view of the world.

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I provide a number of services that help people to achieve their goals and each service comes from a different perspective. These services are:

Sounding Board

A sounding board is a person with who is a good listener, someone on whom one tries out an idea or opinion as a means of evaluating it.

As a Sounding Board to help people gain new perspectives, solve problems and follow their dreams. My goal is to help my clients to see their story, and their environment, in a new way and from different perspectives as well as helping them to find innovative ways to solve problems so that they can follow their path to achieve their dreams.

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A consultant is an experienced individual that is able to analyze and advise a client in order to help the client make the best possible choices.

I use my years of life experience mentioned above combined with cross cultural experiences in China and work over the decades in diverse and far ranging areas such the federal cabinet, public relations, government relations, information technology including software development, publishing and more to help my clients get a different perspective on their affairs.

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A guide is a person who advises, leads or shows the way to others

Working as a Guide touches on my work as Sounding Board and Consultant but manifests with my work as a publisher and author with Tydbyte Media and

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