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Richard E. Ward

As a Sounding Board and Job Coach I work with my clients to help them identify, clarify and achieve their professional dreams and advance their careers.

My objective is to help a client develop an action-oriented, results-based plan to quickly bridge the gap between where they are in their information technology (IT) career and where they want to be.

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Achieve Your Professional Career Goals

What are your goals and dreams?

  • Land a new or better job
  • Smoothly change careers or industries
  • Become invaluable in your current role
  • Achieve professional and personal fulfillment
  • Negotiate a compensation that reflects your true value
  • Develop effective written and oral communication skills

I can help you to achieve your professional career goals. I am ready to listen to you. Whether you need to use me as as Sounding Board or you need a resume contact me, let’s talk.

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