Richard E. Ward

Richard E. Ward, the publisher of Tydbyte Media, is a Sounding Board & Counsellor helping people gain new understandings and perspectives that may help them experience an adventure in growth leading to a more fulfilling and productive life. Visit Ask Richard E. to learn more.

Welcome to his blog where he shares about the influences in his life and his ongoing experiences.

Richard E. Ward Resource Directory has been created as an extension of Richard’s eclectic interests and is a growing part of Tydbyte Media Publishing.

Richard’s life experience as a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor since 2000 combined with training in shamanism, home hospice, Taoism, the I Ching, Reiki and Tantra has given him a unique view of the world.

Richard has lived in Beijing, China, travels to China on a regular basis and has an abiding interest in all things Chinese. He is slowly learning to speak Chinese.

The life experience of Richard E. Ward includes business, bouncer in a Montreal bar, communications consultant, government, headhunting, holistic healer, government relations consultant, green chain hand in a lumber mill, life guard, milk boy, personal coach, politics, public relations consultant, publisher, recruiter, reiki practitioner, salesman, software developer, web developer, writer & author.

You can learn more about Richard and his life experience by reading About Richard E. Ward and his testimonials.

Sounding Board & Counsellor

As a Sounding Board & Counsellor Richard provides a number of services that help people to achieve their goals and each service comes from a different perspective. The beauty of modern technology is that he can connect to clients around the world and in different cultures.


Richard E. Ward is the publisher of Tydbyte Media publishers of ebooks, books, websites, videos, music and more on the wide variety of eclectic topics. The first book published is BEYOND MOTIVATION by James Tackaberry McCay. Resource Directory started as bookmarks for things that interested Richard E. Ward and is slowly growing as active part of Tydbyte Media. For instance our ebook publication BEYOND MOTIVATION features links from the book to the website so that we can provide a constantly growing resource about the author and publication referenced.

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