Ask Me! Richard E. Ward

Be practical & expect miracles,
IF you just take the first step forward everyday.

Richard E. Ward - Consultant

My focus as a Consultant is very wide lens.

I have lead a very eclectic life and have had a wealth of experience in business, government, politics, as an IT Headhunter and in China, as well as various holistic arts.

Some clients have found it useful to brainstorm with me about their business or their career. I have some definite thoughts about resumes, cover letters and so forth.

Some clients want to get a handle on doing business in China and have found a few brainstorming sessions to be useful. I have spent time there. Set up a business in Beijing. I have travelled to a few places in China including Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kunming, Urumuqi, Wuhan and Yantai. Sometimes I have been able to provide introductions to helpful people in China.

The starting point, and foundation, for working with clients is a free 20 minute Introductory Conversation.

Consultant Fees

I charge $500 USD for a 5 hour package based on my base hourly rate of $125 USD.

My time is billed in 10 minute increments.


Order a Consulting or a Sounding Board Monthly package.

Let's Talk

The best way to connect with me is by email via the Contact Form.

After we connect we can arrange to talk on the telephone or by Google Hangouts.

Our initial conversation is free. There is no charge.