Consulting & Sounding Board

An Ask Richard! Sounding Board & Counselling Session can help people to see their story, and to see their environment, in a new way and from different perspectives.

Many people have found new and innovative ways to solve problems as we work together. They become unstuck and find that they can follow their path to achieve their dreams.

Sounding Board & Counselling Session Process

We have already talked to each other during the Introductory Conversation and completed our preparatory work together.

During a Sounding Board & Counselling session:

  • I listen to your ideas and opinions.
  • I give my perspective if needed.
  • I give you my feedback.
  • I give back to you the ideas that come to me from what you are talking about.

This process is often referred to as brainstorming.

A sounding Board Session Can Help You to Hear Yourself

Many times what a client needs is simply someone to listen to them. They need to ‘get out of their head’ and listen to themselves. They need to hear themselves. As they talk out loud about their ideas they can hear themselves think. As they listen the answer they need often comes to mind. Sometimes it because a question that I have asked has served as a catalyst.

A Sounding Board Session Can Help You

A Sounding Board Session may help you to:

  • break out of deadlocked problems and find original solutions
  • develop strategies to cope with rapid change
  • Follow your curiosity
  • stimulate your creativity
  • become attuned to your inner self
  • become more aware of your environment
  • make more skillful use of your energy so that you can realize your full potential
  • inspire thoughts and feelings
  • stimulate creative thinking
  • develop a values system
  • empower yourself as an individual
  • create a time investment portfolio
  • enhance personal growth and work performance
  • strategies for fighting boredom by changing your routines and expanding your interests
  • advice for conserving inner energy by cutting down on criticism and defensiveness


  • $79 CAD per session.
  • Payable in advance.

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The best way to connect with me is by email via the Contact Form.

After we connect we can arrange to talk on the telephone or by Skype.

Our initial conversation is free. There is no charge.

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