We were in a restaurant and I was crying. Richard had reviewed my stack of diplomas, certificates and resume and then said “You need to get a degree or diploma. No one is going to hire you with this hodge podge of experience. They won’t know what to do with you.”

I can’t do it, I wailed. I am a 50 year old woman and I always hated school. And on and on.

It is now 2013. I graduated at the top of my class and in a field I never imagined and I have a wonderful job.

Over lunch following a morning gatheirng of shamanic journeying I was talking about my new career and telling our lunch companion about my dinner with Ric 4 years ago. We were laughing. Then Ric said he saw me running my own network of clinics. I didn’t start crying. I just laughed. And asked our lunch companion if she was good at managing and operations. hahaha


Within ten minutes, the stranger at Starbucks had me running my own successful business and being a published author. I was staring at my books on the shelves at Indigo, spending my days in front of a bay window writing, and all it took was someone making me believe in my dream again. My strange and rare talent led me to a job coach, an inspirer, someone with his own very interesting life story and exactly who I needed.

“I received the best career advice of my life from Ric while trying to switch into a new field.

Ric’s unconventional tips were instrumental in knocking months off my job search. Thanks Ric!”


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ric for more than a dozen years.

During that time he helped our management team many times on numerous projects ….

He has great integrity, takes time to understand fully the needs of his clients, and works at a level well above that of his peers in the industry.

We relied heavily on his judgment when we were in situations where we needed guidance.

His results were always consistently at the highest level.

Those who use his services will not be disappointed.”

K.T. – President

“Richard has offered valuable advice in terms of my career development after I was laid off from Nelvana.

I would recommend his services without reservation.”


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