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Learning about China and Chinese Cult...

Learning about China and Chinese Culture

I have found that all of our clients are interested in learning about Chinese culture and customs as well as learning to speak Chinese. Chinese culture is rich and profound. It has the richest historical records. Chinese have been most historically-minded. Perhaps, China has more historical records than the whole world put together. This guess […]

LookSee Communications Consulting (Be...

LookSee Communications Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

My company LookSee Communications Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been finally setup in Beijing, China. The process began in October 2011 or some 7 months ago. My company form is called a WFOE or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise. There are various forms of WFOEs. Mine is a consulting company. LookSee provides business consulting and cultural […]

Beijing, China – May 20, 2012

Beijing, China – May 20, 2012

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I am in Beijing now and have been here since February 10, 2012. I returned to Canada last December for Christmas in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Then I spent a a few weeks in Toronto. Link to this post!

Double Happiness Symbol

Double Happiness Symbol

The symbol of Double Happiness is an expression that the bride and the groom are to be united, as well as their families. The “Double Happiness” symbol is usually found displayed at Chinese wedding celebrations whether in a traditional or more contemporary setting. The Double Happiness symbol is composed of two standard Chinese characters. Each […]

Dragon and Phoenix

dragon and phoenix

The most prominent of all Chinese marriage symbols is the pairing of a dragon (long 龙) and a phoenix (feng 凤) which represents love and a happy marriage. The dragon is the preeminent male or yang (阳) symbol and represents strength and the warmth of the sun. The phoenix, as you might expect, is the […]