True Buddha School (TBS) was founded by Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu.

The goal of True Buddha School is to bring Buddhist ideology into contemporary society, help sentient beings achieve spiritual realization, see their Buddha nature, and end the cycle of death and rebirth using distinct practices from Taoism, Sutrayana, Vajrayana Buddhism and Pure Land Buddhism.

True Buddha School is based in Taiwan and has chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. The main temple is located in Redmond, Washington. TBS currently has more than five million disciples and four hundred establishments (temples, chapters, and cultivation groups) spreading the Buddhadharma.

In addition to disseminating and popularizing Vajrayana teachings and practices through its numerous temples and chapters, TBS aims to promote benevolent deeds and charity through the establishment of Lotus Light Charity Society and its branches throughout the world.

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