The Four Agreements Companion Book

The Four Agreements Companion Book: Using the Four Agreements to Master the Dream of Your Life by don Miguel Ruiz is a must-read not only for those who enjoyed don Miguel’s first book – The Four Agreements – but for anyone who is ready to leave suffering behind, and to master the art of living in our natural state: happiness.

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The Four Agreements introduced a simple, but powerful code of conduct for attaining personal freedom and true happiness.

In The Four Agreements, Mexican shaman Miguel Ruiz built his teachings around four agreements:

  • be impeccable with your word;
  • don’t take anything personally;
  • don’t make assumptions;
  • always do your best.

Now The Four Agreements Companion Book takes you even further along the journey to recover the awareness and wisdom of your authentic self.

Now Ruiz offers readers a companion guide, making practical mysticism out of the ancient Toltec tradition. On the one hand this is an eloquent introduction to Toltec teachings, offering a fascinating discussion of how one’s life is a dream (and a dream that’s often dictated by others) and how “domestication” is the root of human suffering.

On the other hand don Miquel has also written a Toltec self-help book, offering specific tools, exercises, and suggestions to help readers live their own dreams, become more attentive, and make conscious agreements with themselves. For readers who feel aligned with the Toltec tradition, this will certainly be a powerful ally as they begin the dream of transformation.

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