Part III: Skills for Managing Time

Part III: Skills for Managing Time in The Management of Time offers you some powerful tools of time management – the verbal and non-verbal techniques which can accelerate the pace of your decisions and actions.

Here you can find a systematic method for breaking out of dead-locked problems to original solutions; ways of making your words serve as precision instruments of management; detailed descriptions of how to diagram your way through complex problems and difficult meetings; how word pictures can save precious minutes and even hours of your day; hints on getting much more from your reading in less time.

Part III: Skills for Managing Time is comprised of 7 chapters:

There are seven chapters in Part III:

12. Knowing When to Stop

13. Your Principal Tools Are Words

14. Keep in Contact

15. Insure Your Investment in Time

16. Diagramming

17. Compare and Save Time

18. Read for Growth

The Management of Time
James T. McCay
with a new
Introduction and Appreciation
co-authored by
Richard E. Ward

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