EFT – Emotional Healing Techniques

One of the things that attracted me to EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – was the no nonsense attitude and writings of Gary Craig an engineer and founder of EFT as spelled out clearly in the following intro to the lastest EFT newsletter:

My training as a Stanford Engineer taught me to distrust the Healing Sciences. In fact, they shouldn’t be called sciences at all. Maybe-ology is a much better name. Here are the reasons…

First, engineering is a “hard science” that relies on physical Laws such as the Laws of Physics, Ohm’s Law, the Law of Gravity and so on. From these highly predictable Laws we reliably make bridges, computers and automobiles. That’s good. Kudos to Hard Science!

But the Healing Sciences are “soft sciences” where little, if anything, is reliable. Drugs and surgeries, for example, don’t always work and, when they do, the relief varies from person to person (sometimes with disastrous consequences). Would you drive over a bridge that was constructed using this iffy science?

In addition, most psychotherapies (except EFT) often take forever to get very little done and other healing methods tend to provide only temporary relief. The end result of all this can be a long term, expensive pursuit with unpredictable results.

To me, that’s not science. Rather, it’s a study in probablilties and should be properly re-labeled as Maybe-ology. That way we won’t associate the healing sciences with the hard sciences and thus expect more from them than is possible.

This is not a complaint, by the way. It’s just a statement of what is. Hard science and soft science are not really the same and the labels should be changed so they are not confused. That’s all.

EFT belongs in the soft science category, even though it is finally bringing a degree of reliability to the field. It still doesn’t match up to the reliability of the Law of Gravity but it DOES create results where only “maybe’s” existed before.

Cheers, Gary

PS: The basics of EFT can be learned for free by downloading The EFT Manual.


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