If You Go Real Slow, You’ll Get There Fast

Astrologer Dana Gerhardt in the ‘Getting Started’ pages to her wonderful Twelve Moons Workshop that I just received tells the following story as part of her advice on how to succeed with the workshop:

A friend of mine once got lost on her way to a workshop in New Mexico. She stopped to ask a desert-weathered native for directions. He knew the roads well and described in careful detail how far they needed to go, which turns they needed to take.

He ended by saying, “If you go real slow, you’ll get there fast.”

My friend hurried away. She missed the cactus markingt heir turn and to double-back. Twice she got stck in the mud. Then, speeding over ruts in the dirt road, she got a flat tire. By the end of he journey, she understood the real wisdom of going slow. Working with the Sun and the Moon is a lot like that.


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