A long haul in Beijing

It has been a long haul in Beijing since October 2011, last year, when I decided to set up LookSee Communications Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Although I blogged on May 20 that the company had been established and I had received my Alien Emoployment Permit I was only issued a Residence Permit valid for some seven (7) weeks when I was expecting two years or perhaps six (6) months.

When the question “Why?” was asked the response was an oblique “There is a problem with your address.”

“What problem?

“Apply again and you will find out.” Yikes.

So I have applied again. I had an interview last Friday. The issue of the company address was discussed with me. And I have been told that I will be issued a Residence Permit but they were not sure of the length of stay. I am scheduled to pick up the Residence Permit on July 18. Two days from now.

I have spent the past weeks going from one company to another trying to find representation onky to be told that because I had had someone representing me before another company could not now pick up my file. Wow!

However I did manage to get some great advice from a company after the President stopped laughing. “Man, I have never seen a 7 week Residence Permit before. This is amazing!” He called in a couple of his consultants to show them my file. “Can I write blog about your situation?” he asked?

So I will see what happens in a few days.

In the meantime of course I have not been able to work in Beijing. Many people foreigners do work here illegally but I did not want to take any chances. So I have been cleaning up websites and re-arranging my plans and getting ready to launch a couple of new projects.

To say that the last few months has been stressful both emotionally and financially would be an understatement. But, I am here to write about it.


One comment

  1. Had an interview with at the Entry Exit Bureau and was told why I was not being issued a 2 year Residence Permit to match my Alien Employment Permit.

    I was told that I needed to change my office address because they did not think that the location was appropriate for my consulting business. I would agree that it is not a great location but it was inexpensive and provided by the lawyer who setup my company. The lawyer assured me that the address was a good one for my initial needs. hahaha

    As a result I have been given a 2 month Residence Permit and told to get a new business address with a full time office and then reapply. Yikes!

    Find a new address is not that diffcult but changing the registered company address for a WFOE and receiving approval from the various government agencies – some 14 agencies – is quite complex. It takes many weeks. And it takes spending money.


    What a pain!

    On the good side I certainly have a good understanding, from first hand experience, of what to do – and what not to do – when setting up a WFOE.

    Lots to do!

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