45: Circulation

Spirituality begins in the loins,
Ascends up the back,
And returns to the navel.

Spirituality is not just mental activity. It is also an expression of energy.

The source of this energy is physical, rooted in the basic chemistry of the body. Self-cultivation refines this energy for spiritual attainment. Enlightenment, for a follower of Tao, is therefore a psychophysical achievement: It is a state of being rather than mere intellectual understanding.

The above is an excerpt from:
Tao 365: Daily Meditations
by Deng Ming-Dao

This book is one of the books that are part of my daily readings and study of Tao. The other books include:

I read and contemplate the passages before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before bed. I find it very convenient to do this using the Kindle version on my mobile phone.

Daily Meditation

Before I begin my morning meditation I randomly select one of the passages that I have read to read again as it provides a good focus for me.

I use the 11 minute version of the Sa Ta Na Ma / Kirtan Kriya meditation, with its combination of sitting, mantra and mudra as it helps to calm and get my Acquired Brain Injury brain, with Monkey Mind on steroids, centred first thing in the day. I then sit silently for an additional 15 or 30 minutes after the 1 minute stretching and quiet time at the end.
Richard E. Ward


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