50: Interaction

We make life real
By the thoughts we project.

The panorama of the objective world is meaningless until we interact with it. For example, if there is a rock that we pass day after day but we do not notice, then that rock has no significance for us. If we decide to make that rock a votive object and pray to it for decades, then that rock becomes quite important. To an outsider who does not subscribe to the rock’s assigned meaning, it will continue to be just a rock. In all cases, the rock was just a rock. It was only human interaction that created its meaning.

The above is an excerpt from:
365 Tao: Daily Meditations
by Deng Ming-Dao

This book is one of the books that are part of my daily readings and study of Tao. The other books include:

I read and contemplate the passages before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before bed. I find it very convenient to do this using the Kindle version on my mobile phone.

Daily Meditation

After my morning readings I do the 31 minute version of the Sa Ta Na Ma / Kirtan Kriya meditation. I have found that the Sa Ta Na Ma / Kirtan Kriya meditation with its combination of sitting, mantra and mudra helps to calm me and get my Acquired Brain Injury brain, with Monkey Mind on steroids, centred first thing in the day.
Richard E. Ward