Beyond Motivation

BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay was originally published in 1970 and builds on the foundation of his classic of personal productivity THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME that was first published in 1959 and then republished by Prentice-Hall, New Jersey in 1992 with a new Introduction and Appreciation co-authored by Richard E. Ward.

Republished by Tydbyte Media

BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay was republished in 2014 by Tydbyte Media, Richard E. Ward publisher.

You can read about my journey to republish BEYOND MOTIVATION here.

Two eBook Editions

Two eBook editions were published. Both editions were formatted for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Smashwords and other online retailers worldwide.

The Basic Edition preserves the original content and formatting of the original book plus a new Preface.

The Expanded Edition contains the Basic Edition with a number of additions being added by Richard including:

  • An Overview of THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME;
  • Short biographies of the 42 authors referenced by McCay;
  • A brief synopsis of each of the 43 publications referenced by McCay;
  • an index
  • extensive hyperlinking of the Table of Contents, index, references, synopses and biographies;

About Beyond Motivation

BEYOND MOTIVATION by James Tackaberry McCay with Richard E. Ward helps individuals and groups increase their productivity by recognizing that working with others is an exchange of energy. Discover how to recognize the direction and intensity of your own energy and the energy of others so that you can amplify positive outcomes, eliminate waste and store or redirect energy. Get, and give, more for less to each other.

BEYOND MOTIVATION is an incredibly rich work. Material in the book is presented in an easy-to-follow, readable style that makes extensive use of diagramming.

James Tackaberry McCay was a business visionary whose work with synergy, integral development and shared consciousness was far ahead of his time. His insights and practical tools developed and refined over the years are still as useful today as they were more than fifty years ago.

BEYOND MOTIVATION delivers useable techniques for personal and group development in areas such as:

  • leadership,
  • individual empowerment,
  • value,
  • holistic systems,
  • information management,
  • coping with rapid change,
  • stimulating creativity and many more.

BEYOND MOTIVATION is a useful book that can used in a group setting to stimulate break-throughs in problem solving.

Stimulate your thinking before a meeting by flipping through the book to find insights to help see yourself and others in an exchange of energy.

This book does not attempt to persuade by documented argumentation but to present a framework of abstractions which suggest, provoke, and inspire thoughts and feelings in the reader.

There are many uses of BEYOND MOTIVATION in a group or by an individual:

  • to help the individual better integrate his own thinking about human behavior and human relations
  • a means of sharing with others how the individual thinks about a subject
  • a background reference tool for conferences and educational classes
  • as an outline for structuring organizational settings

The brevity of this book ensures that a reader can be exposed — and grasp the essentials – in fifteen to twenty minutes. Anyone who has tried to communicate complex ideas through comprehensive books knows how useful such brevity can be.

This book is an experiment in communications and the eBook version has the advantages of using hyperlinks so you can easily jump around.

There is no need to read this book sequentially.

Start anywhere.

Stimulate your mind.

McCay challenged and stretched himself and those around him.

Challenge and stretch yourself and those around you by playing with BEYOND MOTIVATION.


BEYOND MOTIVATION is organized in four parts. McCay’s hand drawn diagrams account for some 50% of the book and occupy individual pages.

  1. PART ONE: Opportunities for jumps in performance
  2. PART TWO: Individual development for energizing
  3. PART THREE: Group development for synergizing
  4. PART FOUR: Some assumptions underlying integral development

References to Authors and Publications in BEYOND MOTIVATION

BEYOND MOTIVATION is a small book of about 100 pages. About 50% of those pages are hand drawings that McCay used in his seminars. McCay was a master at synergizing the works of others and building something new.

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