I Like You As You Are – Fred Rogers

I Like You As You Are is one my favourite episodes from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

It seems to me that no matter how old we get these are powerful words.

They are words that are important to remember when we deal with children.

Parents are often passive aggressive when dealing with children, while claiming that they are being supportive and encouraging. Hah.

And certainly schools are directly aggressive when working at molding children to be the way the institution, and teachers, want them to be.

Fred Rogers provides a refreshing antidote to that aggressive crap.

I like you as you are
Exactly and precisely
I think you turned out nicely
And I like you as you are

I like you as you are
Without a doubt or question
Or even a suggestion
Cause I like you as you are

I like your disposition
Your facial composition
And with your kind permission
I’ll shout it to a star

I like you as you are
I wouldn’t want to change you
Or even rearrange you
Not by far

I like you
I like you, yes I do
I like you, Y-O-U
I like you, like you as you are

Lyrics by Josie Carey | Music by Fred Rogers

Thank you Fred Rogers for Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

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