Eupsychian Management

Eupsychian Management by Abraham H. Maslow is considered to be a seminal work on human behavior in the workplace.

Eupsychian Management offers Maslow’s theories on such issues as how to encourage people to express their creativity, the importance of psychological health, and leadership ideas that are commonly accepted notions in management circles at the end of the twentieth century.

A building block of:
by James T. McCay
Expanded Edition with Richard E. Ward

Are Your Inspirational Social Media Posts Hurting Your Career?

“Are your inspirational social media posts hurting your career?” According to Judith Humphreys the answer is a resounding ‘YES”.

As the founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Humphrey Group, a premier leadership communications firm headquartered in Toronto, whose business teaches global clients how to communicate as confident, compelling leaders I suspect that she knows what she is talking about.

It's always in your better interest. Judith Humphrey

Humphrey says:

“Your Inspirational Social Media Posts Are Hurting Your Career.
It’s a lot harder to sound thoughtful and articulate than to tweet a Mark Twain quote. Real leaders don’t sound like tear-off calendars.

If you’re a leader or trying to become one, some degree of ongoing “personal branding” activity is inevitable. That often creates pressure to post something new to your social channels on a regular basis–and therein lies the risk.

The easiest thing to do might be to share pithy slogans purporting to deliver quick hits of inspiration. After all, it’s your job as a leader or aspiring leader to motivate others, right? Right! But your #MotivationalMonday tweet or Instagram post with a Gandhi quotation might be backfiring without you realizing it. Here’s why, and how to avoid those fluffy expressions.

Read her article Your “Inspirational” Social Media Posts Are Hurting Your Career where she explains clearly that:

It’s a lot harder to sound thoughtful and articulate than to tweet a Mark Twain quote. Real leaders don’t sound like tear-off calendars.

Find her article on Fast Company.

I Updated My Story About Republishing Beyond Motivation

I just finished editing and updating the story about my journey to republish BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay.

It was just about a year ago, November 2016, that I moved back to Montreal, Quebec (my hometown) after being away for more than 35 years; and thankfully my energy is returning after being in and out of hospitals in Toronto due to diverticulosis. But it has been a long haul in recovery.

So, now the adventure continues with BEYOND MOTIVATION as I learn more about promoting and marketing a book.

Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay. Expanded Edition by Richard E. Ward

The Re-Organization of My Blogs Is Moving Along

I came to realize a few months ago that I was spending too much time managing a small network of blogs. With WordPress there is always something to do a few days every week to upgrade this or upgrade or update that even when using a service such as CMS Commander.

After looking at what I was doing I also came to realize that I really didn’t enjoy the direction that I was going with my life. So I decided to stop.

I closed down most of the blogs and the directories.

Then after my webserver got hacked I moved to an inexpensive webhost in Montreal; and moved my 2 remaining blogs to WordPress free hosting and created simple HTML SSI websites so that I could manage a few domains names.

The content, for the most part, of now has been moved to a blog at

The content of has been moved to a blog at

Now I don’t need to spend any time on blog maintenance. What a blessing.

I have some editing of broken links to repair that will consume a few days of my time, but I will do it when I feel like doing it. If broken links show up in search, well that is how it is, in the moment.

I will be spending time marketing Beyond Motivation and developing an online course to go with it.

More importantly I am returning my time and energy to the I Ching and related Taoist endeavours. And I will begin to write about where I am going with that beginning with Exploring Taoism.

Going back to where I was almost 50 years ago. Lots to reflect upon.

I Am Watching the Prosperity Film

I am watching the Prosperity Film from produced by Pedram Shojai and I am glad I signed up to watch it.

The film “Prosperity” is a film that follows a new generation of companies, an emerging movement of “For Benefit” companies that are building into their bylaws the new ethics of conscious companies.

Video with Pedram Shojai On The Film, “Prosperity”

Here is a video with Pedram Shojai discussing the film.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thoughts & Prayers, Require Actions

Thoughts & Prayers
Policies & Actions.

Even so faith,
if it hath not works,
is dead, being alone.

James 2:17, The Bible
King James Version (KJV)

Thoughts & Prayers require Policies & Actions