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James T. McCay. Author.

James T. McCay was the chairman of Integron Associates Incorporated of Montreal, co-ordinators of integrated development projects. He was an imposing figure and business visionary who has been called the Guru to the Gurus.

Counsel on organization growth and executive development

For more than 20 years from 1953 James T. McCay acted as counsel on organization growth and executive development to some forty corporation in Canada and the United States.

Bois, McCay and Associates

In 1953 McCay formed Bois, McCay and Associates with Dr. J. S. Bois. The firm evolved into James McCay and Associates Ltd. McCay and Bois developed a series of programs for executive training as well as leading numerous seminars on self-development and the management of time.


Ten years later McCay commenced planning of the Integron in collaboration with famed Montreal architect Victor Prus. Travels in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the Orient together with interviews with several hundred leaders in government, industry, universities, as well as researchers in the sciences of man helped McCay to nurture the growth of the Integron concept and Integral Development.

McCay graduated from the University of British Columbia in Chemical Engineering in 1943 and promptly went to the Persian Gulf to work on an oil refinery construction project. On return to Canada he helped to found a company which manufactured and distributed heating equipment nationally. After that time, he practiced as a consultant to management on plant design, work analysis and process controls.


James T. McCay authored The Management of Time and Beyond Motivation.

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