The Management of Time

THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME by James T. McCay, the #1 Bestseller, provides the foundation for his book BEYOND MOTIVATION.

Since it was first published in 1959, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed increased productivity by reading and using The Management of Time written by James T. McCay.

This book has long been considered the classic guide to increasing productivity because it sets forth a practical method for overcoming time pressures by helping people to learn how to manage their personal energy. This method of managing our personal energy is even more useful today.

The Management of Time by James T. McCay - Book Cover - 1985

Tydbyte Media did not publish or republish THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME by James T. McCay, however the the new Introduction and Appreciation to the book was co-authored by Richard E. Ward the publisher of Tydbyte Media.

This classic guide casts aside the superficial time-management techniques other texts espouse. With its unique blend of psychology, spiritualism, and physics, The Management of Time delivers proven techniques for becoming a leader, coping with rapid change, stimulating creative thinking, developing a values system, and empowering yourself as an individual.

McCay goes beyond superficial time saving techniques by underscoring the intimate relationship between time pressures and rate of personal growth.

“If a man is chronically short of time,” he says “he is probably being swamped by the growing challenges of his job.”

The Management of Time is structured in four parts:

Today more than ever, time management is a necessity in a changing business environment. Downsizing and takeovers have forced professionals to take on more responsibilities with less time to accomplish them. In order to succeed, you not only have to perform outstandingly ___ but also manage the overwhelming amount of information that crosses your desk.

More relevant and important today then ever, this enormously influential guide will help you maximize your productivity for a more successful and manageable career and personal life.

A note from Richard E. Ward

In 1993 Prentice-Hall posthumously republished The Management of Time.

I had approached Prentice-Hall about buying the rights to the out-of-print book. Rather than selling or licencing the rights they decided to republish the book and asked me to write a new Introduction and Appreciation.

I agreed to do that.

My former wife Laurie and I spent months researching and interviewing people in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto who had worked with and knew Jim. And visiting some of the places that I used to spend time with Jim. You can read the insights of Bob Bandeen, David Culver and Bill Dawson in the Appreciation and Introduction.

The printing sold out but another printing has yet to be done.

Richard E. Ward

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