Introduction and Appreciation

The Management of Time, if written in the 90’s, would be seen to be an insightful synthesis of the philosophies of Tom Peters, Steven Covey, Alvin Toffler, Stephen Hawking, Edwards Deming, Deepak Chopra and James Redfield.

It is amazing then to realize that this book was first published in 1959. That year the Russians took the first pictures of the far side of the moon; computers used punch cards; Cadillacs had tail fins and Have Gun Will Travel was on prime time TV – Jim McCay was 38 years old.

In The Management of Time McCay delivers usable techniques for development in today’s hot topics: leadership, individual empowerment, value, holistic systems, information management, coping with rapid change, stimulating creativity, among others. What’s more, this incredibly rich work is presented in an easy-to-follow, readable style.

We introduce you to this book by following the author’s own advice on how to select a book.

Here are McCay’s 5 key questions and our answers to them: