Part IV: Plan for Development

In Part IV: Plan for Development James McCay brings together all the foregoing concepts and methods in a complete plan for time management.

In Plan for Development he tells you how to setup a program that is:

  • flexible enough to meet the challenge of rapid change;
  • vital enough to motivate you to double and redouble your creative output; and
  • comprehensive enough to be a vehicle for self-development regardless of your age, position, location or kind of work.

The end result to you, of using McCay’s approach to time management and self-development, will be twofold.

  1. It will eliminate, once and for all, the spectre of time pressures.
  2. It will allow you to experience the exhilaration of continuing growth and expanding personal effectiveness.

Part IV: Plan for Development is comprised of 3 chapters:

The Management of Time
James T. McCay
with a new
Introduction and Appreciation
co-authored by
Richard E. Ward

The Parts

Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay. Expanded Edition by Richard E. Ward

Learn about BEYOND MOTIVATION here.


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